Like sugar to my heart

Last Saturday, Nate let me sleep until 8:00 in the morning, which was awesome. Then I heard a gentle tapping (upon my chamber door). I croaked, and Nate opened the door and poked his head in. “I’m hungry, daddy.”

On my bleary way to the bathroom, I tripped on the laundry basket, which I had strategically placed in the hallway the night before, specifically so I would trip on it. “Okay, buddy. I’m just going to start the laundry, you think about what you’d like to eat.”

As I poured Tide Free into a measuring cup, Nate called down the basement stairs. “Actually, I don’t want breakfast.”

Even in my semi-conscious state, I knew this was… odd. “You’re telling me you’re not hungry after all?”


“Is there anything else I can do for you, or can I go back to bed for a while?”

“You can go back to bed. I just want to be alone in the room where we eat.”

A brief pause, as I attempted to figure this out. Then: “Oh. I think I see where this is going.” I started the laundry and bounced upstairs. I grabbed my son and swept him up into a good-morning hug. As I kissed his cheek, I took a deep sniff. Sure enough: chocolate and peanut butter. Someone’s been into the Easter candy.

Like father, like son. I took the basket and moved it to the top of the fridge. “You just let me know when you’re ready for breakfast, my sneaky little weasel.”

5 Responses to “Like sugar to my heart”

  1. Daddy Scratches Says:

    “As I poured Tide Free into a measuring cup …”

    Product placement, Dave? How much do they pay? ;)

  2. Rachel Says:

    You still have Easter candy around, too? Ours is getting low, and we ran out of the dark chocolate. Now the kids will eat anything with sugar but momma’s gotta have the good stuff, so dear hubby picked up a pound of dark for me to keep in my own secret stash. I’m not heartless so I let the kids pick the chocolate shavings off of the cutting board I used to break up the bar.

  3. Tanager Says:

    Dave, the product placement thing gave me an idea…you should blog your top 10 household tips and tricks. You have such good ones! I remember how you put the measuring cup into the laundry, and there was something about how you did garbage, too…Miss you! I’m still home recovering from the surgery. It’s been really rough.

  4. PetersDaddy Says:

    8am bleary’s are always better than the midnight drearys. Our boys were diving into the stash outside normal dessert hours. Once I found out, quoth the Daddy, “Nevermore!”

  5. Dana Says:

    Isn’t it hilarious how they advertise their misdoings? My little brother used to say, “Don’t see this!” Ben used to call out of nowhere, “I’m not doing anything!” as though I’d already accused. They are getting savvier now, though. Well, not Max.

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