Smile, and maybe tomorrow

Why didn’t I think of that?

The other night at dinner, out of nowhere, Nate said to me, “We need someone to stay with us. Our family is too small.”

After I finished choking on my pizza, I said, “I know, buddy. It’s just you and me since mama died. I miss her a lot.”

He said, “Yeah… I miss her too. …Can we get a new one?”

“…Oh, honey. Maybe someday.”

4 thoughts on “Smile, and maybe tomorrow

  1. nothing like pouring a whole gallon of salt in the wound 🙁 does he break your heart like that a lot? it’s interesting how kids see the world and how it should be fixed.

  2. ” and a child shall lead them” !

    Nate’s comment is priceless and precious. Money can’t buy those things. It must make you smile to know he will be willing to try other things and accept the “newness” in his life without Mommy.

    We don’t often give children enough credit for their point of view. They are so adaptable to all situations.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Never read your son’s blog just before going out to teach a computer lab to 12 beginning Windows users.

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